Jamiroquai - The Singles 92-06

Jamiroquai - The Singles 92-06

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Due 2 Dec

High Times: Singles 1992 -2006’ is the band's greatest-hit collection, originally released in November 2006 and selling to date a huge 2.5 million copies around the world.


The final release in this series. This is the first time it is available on vinyl and includes the addition of ‘You Give Me Something’, a track that does not appear on the original CD release.



A1. When You Gonna Learn?

A2. Too Young to Die

A3. Blow Your Mind

A4. Emergency on Planet Earth

A5. Space Cowboy

Side B

B1. Virtual Insanity

B2. Cosmic Girl

B3. Alright

B4. High Times

B5. Deeper Underground

C1. Canned Heat

C2. Little L

C3. Love Foolosophy

C4. Corner of the Earth

C5. You Give Me Something

D1. Feels Just Like It Should

D2. Seven Days in Sunny June

D3. (Don’t) Give Hate a Chance

D4. Runaway

D5. Radio