Bright Lights Big City OST

Bright Lights Big City OST

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New Vinyl

Long out-of-print and back on vinyl for the first time in decades.

A great late ‘80s contemporaneous compilation with tracks by Prince, New Order, Narada, Bryan Ferry, Depeche Mode, Donald Fagen, The Noise Club, Konk, Jennifer Hall & M/A/R/R/S.


  1. Good Love - By Prince
  2. True Faith (New Version - US) - By New Order
  3. Divine Emotions - By Narada
  4. Kiss And Tell - By Bryan Ferry
  5. Pleasure, Little Treasure (Glitter Mix) - By Depeche Mode
  6. Century's End - By Donald Fagen
  7. Obsessed - By The Noise Club
  8. Love Attack - By Konk
  9. Ice Cream Days - By Jennifer Hall
  10. Pump up the Volume - By M/A/R/R/S