David Crosby - Here if you Listen

David Crosby - Here if you Listen


New Vinyl

Side 1

  1. Glory
  2. Vagrants of Venice
  3. 1974
  4. Your Own Ride
  5. 05 Buddha on a Hill

Side 2

  1. I Am No Artist
  2. 1967
  3. Balanced on a Pin
  4. Other Half Rule
  5. Janet
  6. Woodstock

Here If You Listen is David Crosby's fourth solo album in five years, an unexpected run that proves his musical passion to be as powerful as ever. The 77-year-old singer/songwriter continues the singular creative streak here, delivering one of his most joyfully adventurous albums yet in a career that spans six auspicious decades. Crosby again joins forces with the three musicians who helped lend his 2016 album Lighthouse - and the tour in support of the album - its captivating grace: Michael League of Snarky Puppy, Michelle Willis and Becca Stevens (Crosby's "Lighthouse" band). But in a purposeful departure from Lighthouse, Here If You Listen emerges as a highly collaborative effort, with all four artists trading off lead vocals and bringing their distinct songwriting to the mix.