Angels and Airwaves - Lifeforms

Angels and Airwaves - Lifeforms

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Blink 182

  1. Timebomb
  2. Euphoria
  3. Spellbound
  4. No More Guns
  5. Losing My Mind
  6. Automatic
  7. Restless Souls
  8. Rebel Girl
  9. A Fire in a Nameless Town
  10. Kiss & Tell

 Lifeforms is the sixth studio album by alternative rock band Angels & Airwaves. The album marks the longest gap between albums for the band following 2014's The Dream Walker. It is also the band's first album with bassist Matt Rubano, who replaced Matt Wachter in 2019 after first serving as a touring member the same year. The album also marks the return of guitarist David Kennedy, who last appeared on 2011's Love: Part Two. Lifeforms was a conscious effort by the band's frontman, Tom DeLonge, to return to the band's earlier sound, while also incorporating elements of punk rock and post hardcore.