Disturbed - The Lost Children

Disturbed - The Lost Children

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The Lost Children is a B-sides and covers compilation album by American metal band Disturbed.

According to David Draiman, the album's first single, "Hell", is "about a relationship with someone who keeps coming in and out of your life, and every time they come back they fuck up your whole world."[5] The track "Mine" is about religion as a catalyst for war.

  1. Hell
  2. A Welcome Burden
  3. This Moment
  4. Old Friend
  5. Monster
  6. Run
  7. Leave It Alone
  8. Two Worlds
  9. God of the Mind
  10. Sickened
  11. Mine
  12. Parasite
  13. Dehumanized
  14. 3
  15. Midlife Crisis
  16. Living After Midnight