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L.A.B return with their first ever remix album, In Dub, in collaboration with Loop and German dub-focused label Echo Beach. This is a project which has been in the works for a number of years and has continued to expand as L.A.B’s catalogue has grown. The album features an array of dubbed-out remixes by Italian producer and remixer Paolo Baldini – the perfect choice to reimagine their sound.


Baldini has been a key figure in the Italian reggae and dub scene for over 20 years. Through his time with bands such as Africa Unite, he has immersed himself in the dub sound and culture. Under his DubFiles moniker, he has released many collaborations, solo albums and even a film score.


This collection of tracks has been lovingly crafted by Baldini at his Alambic Conspiracy Studio in San Foca, Italy. Each dub has been created live in the studio, with Baldini working live on the stems of each track. These new versions are all created in one take with no overdubs or edits, creating entirely new versions.


With the tracks handpicked from L.A.B’s catalogue, In Dub sees Baldini bring his signature dub-filtered sound, approaching each track with his analogue techniques inspired by Jamaican pioneers King Tubby and Scientist.


A lovingly crafted release inspired and driven by the dub sound that serves as a constant inspiration, In Dub is a special album made not only for dub lovers, but also one which will bring new fans to the way of the dub.


The main ingredient for a good dub album, before a dub master, is proper songwriting. I am extremely thankful to L.A.B for giving me the opportunity to work on these super tunes that perfectly represent the soulful nature of reggae music from the southern hemisphere, and for letting me to add my personal touch and re-interpret them in a dub fashion!

  1. Shadows Dub
  2. Running Dub
  3. The Watchman Dub
  4. No Roots Dub
  5. Baby Will You Let Me Dub


Side B

  1. Why Oh Why Dub
  2. Boy King Dub
  3. Like Fire Dub
  4. Rocketship Dub
  5. Fashion Dread Dub