Puscifer - Money Shot Your Re-Load

Puscifer - Money Shot Your Re-Load

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Money Shot Your Re-Load is a remix album by Puscifer. It was originally released on November 25, 2016 by Puscifer Entertainment. It contains alternate versions, remixes and reworks of the 11 songs from Puscifer's third studio album, Money Shot. The album also features previous contributors, such as Carina Round, and new remixers, such as Tool bassist Justin Chancellor and The Crystal Method member Scott Kirkland, as remixers. 



A1. Galileo - Lead Into Gold Mix
A2. Agostina - Carina Round Mix
A3. Grand Canyon - Mat Michell Mix

B1. Simultaneous - Justin Chancellor Mix
B2. MoneyShot - Baseck Mix
B3. The Arsonist - Xiu Xiu Mix

C1. The Remedy - 3 Kord Scissor King Mix
C2. Smoke And Mirrors - The Beta Machine Mix
C3. Life of Brian - Omniflux Mix

D1. Autumn - Polyfuse Mix
D2. Simultaneous - Twin Limb Mix