Bush - Loaded: Greatest Hits 94 - 2023 2xLP

Bush - Loaded: Greatest Hits 94 - 2023 2xLP

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Loaded includes iconic hits from each of the band’s nine studio albums as well as Mouth (The Stingray Mix) from the 1997 remix album Deconstructed and a cover of The Beatles’ Come Together that saw a very limited release in 2012.

Next year will mark the 30th anniversary of the release of BUSH’s 6x Platinum debut album, Sixteen Stone, so it’s only fitting that Loaded explodes with five tracks from the seminal album: their debut single, Everything Zen, Little Things, Machinehead and the group’s first No. 1 singles – Comedown and Glycerine, which topped Billboard’s Alternative Airplay chart in 1995.

Other chart-topping hits included in the collection include the GRAMMY®-nominated Swallowed (from 1996’s Razorblade Suitcase), The Chemicals Between Us (from 1999’s The Science of Things), The Sound Of Winter (from 2011’s The Sea of Memories) and, from the band’s 2022 album The Art of Survival, More Than Machines, BUSH’s seventh single to top the Active Rock Radio chart. Bullet Holes, which figured prominently in the box office smash John Wick: Chapter 3  Parabellum, is one of three songs pulled from 2020’s The Kingdom.

1. Everything Zen
2. Little Things
3. Comedown
4. Glycerine
5. Machinehead
6. Swallowed
7. Greedy Fly
8. Mouth (The Stingray Mix)
9. The Chemicals Between Us
10. Letting The Cables Sleep
11. The People That We Love 
12. Inflatable 
13. The Only Way Out
14. The Sound of Winter
15. This Is War
16. Bullet Holes 
17. Flowers On A Grave 
18. The Kingdom 
19. More Than Machines
20. Nowhere To Go But Everywhere 
21. Come Together